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You want to organize a company event, but don't know where to find the ideal location in Budapest?

The Abigél Event Salon is a great solution for holding various corporate events, cultural events or conferences.
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easy access
Our event venue is located in the V. district, in an exclusive environment.The classicist-style Zichy Palace was built in 1840 based on the plans of Lipót Boskovitz and József Hild. However, it gained its present appearance only in the 20th century when the house was modernized.In 2022,the house and the event hall underwent a complete renovation. 

We took great care to preserve the historic style and elegance of the house and to find harmony with the art deco style at the same time. Regarding to the vision and the colors, we decided to combined the marble floor with black and gold accessories to raise the elegance and countenance of the event venue.
About our rooms
What corporate and other events can be held here?
The transmission of value is important to us, so we implement several programs at our location that provide our guests cultural and culinary experiences as well as knowledge-based programmes. Our goal is to create quality business, cultural and PR event series , and we hope they will all be individually recognized.

Protocol events
We believe that important information and news are crucial to be shared with the general public. Such new content will move the world and will bring success to the brand, but it must also be delivered to the target audience. Our exclusive, renovated event venue is suitable for holding the highest protocol events, such as press conferences, PR events or committee meetings.
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Corporate events
Your company is preparing to hold an event in Budapest? The Abigél Event Salon serves as the perfect venue for business events, where the outstanding quality is contributed by our extensive equipment park. The first step on the road to guaranteed success is finding the ideal event location, which we provide to the maximum extent.

In the case of this type of event, the emphasis is on the intermediation of the message in an experiential manner, since the purpose of the event is to create the perfect impression. A company event brings the employees and business partners together even more, thereby it is promoting more efficient work and commitment.
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Product presentations
You want to introduce a new product to the market? The first step of this is the product presentation, which is only worth being carried out as part of an exciting event. An event that all guests will remember and will associate the product with , a wonderful experience. It is important for us to find new things, new products, services or even a dynamically developing business.

Are you planning a larger gathering, but still missing the perfect venue? No matter what kind of conference it is about, the Abigél Event Salon in the V. district will not disappoint, as everything is available onsite for the smooth arrangement. If the conference is held online or in a hybrid format, we can provide the technical conditions for this as well.
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Trainings, education, remote meetings
Continuous development plays an important role in the success of a company, which can best be promoted with external and internal trainings and professional lectures. Our event rooms are available not only for business and larger events, but also for professional performances and lectures. If you want to organize an educational programme, but have not yet found a suitable location, choose the Abigél Event Salon in Budapest.

Cultural events
A cultural event always bears value, which is an important goal for us as well. We also help in creating a series of events that represent quality and can become truly recognized in the future. The Abigél Event Salon is the ideal venue for literary evenings, podium discussions, chamber concerts, exhibitions and photo shoots.
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Organize your corporate or other event in the Abigél Event Salon, located in the heart of the historic downtown!