Pokorny Picnic (cancelled)

Pokorny Picnic

Motivational, entertaining, interactive talk show

Human stories, with humor and directness about acting, professional life, successes, obstacles, fears, joys, friendships, dreams, plans… About what it means to be human today.

Who is asking: Dorka Gönczi – mediator, coach
Who answers: Lia Pokorny – actor

The program is ~60 minutes long, without a break.
Standing reception after the show is ~60 minutes.

Meet the artists in person! If there is something you have always wanted to know about Lia Pokorny, you can now ask in person!

(Knowledge of the Hungarian language is essential)

We look forward to welcoming you:

Lia Pokorny
Dorka Gönczi
mediator, coach
Dumy Content
Jakab Gipsz

What is worth knowing about Lia Pokorny?

She has been on stage since 1993. She played in the Cellar Theatre, the Bárka Theater and the Új Színház, and since 2012 she has also been seen at the Central Theatre. From the very beginning, she has been a member of the popular improvisational show „Beugró”, and she also appeared in Szakítópróba, Poligamy, Part 3 of Valami Amerika, as well as Kisváros, Társas játék and A mi kis falunk in the series.

Awards: Vidor Festival Colombina Award for Best Actress (2005), Paulay Ede Award (2004, 2008), Comet Award for Best Actress (2017)

What will you get if you come?

In addition to meaningful entertainment, we await you with delicious welcome drinks and snacks.
After the performance, we invite you to an informal standing reception with substantial cold dishes and cakes.

Perhaps the best part of the program is that during the reception you can meet and talk personally with the speakers, Lia Pokorny and Dorka Gönczi.


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Date and time


Ticket: Ft 17.900
Discount ticket: Ft 14.900
Reservation on a first-come, first-served basis!
Doors open at 6:30 pm

Event location

Abigél Event Salon

The home of elegant events
in the heart of the historic Downtown
1051 Budapest, Október 6. str. 19. 
I. floor (Zichy Palace)
+36 1 618 5638[email protected]
Pokorny Picnic (cancelled)